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Alfred and Alesia

July 25, 2017

Alfred and Alesia worked hard all their lives. Growing up on farms, they were used to long days and little “down time.” As a married couple, they liked taking on jobs together, whether it was highway flagging or long-haul trucking.  

So when Alfred’s leg was amputated last year, it dramatically changed their lives, leaving him in a wheelchair, with no income, and with only their pick-up truck to call home.

Not knowing where to turn for help, they came back to the Lexington Rescue Mission.

Years ago, they had come to the Mission for help. “We needed gas, and Abigail took us to the gas station to fill up our tank,” Alfred said of Abigail, who worked here at the time. “We became friends. We started eating together, going to church together, praying together.”

They had lost touch when they started driving a truck again, but then Alfred had the scare of his life last summer. He fell headfirst out of his freight truck with his foot caught under the pedal. The fall left him unconscious, and he was rushed to the hospital, where doctors said he had lost feeling in his leg due to gangrene, a side effect of his diabetes, and decided it needed to be amputated.

While Alfred was in the hospital, Alesia stayed in motel, turning over the freight truck they had been living in. Eventually, he was moved to a nursing home for physical therapy. By the time he was released, most of their money was spent, and it wasn’t long before they were living out of their pick-up truck.

Being in a wheelchair added to the stress of homelessness. “It was hard to find a bathroom,” Alfred said. “She’d have to take me to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night just to go to the bathroom.”

When they came back to the Mission, they found Abigail had moved, but Erica, our social worker, was ready to help. She worked with the Social Security office so they could start receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and she began helping them search for an affordable apartment. Once they found a place to live, she was able to assist them with their rent. “She helped us get off the street to where we can rent our own place,” Alfred said.

Today, they are working on making a budget…for the first time in their lives. “It’s above me,” he said. “We always worked so we never lived on a budget. I was telling Erica all we spent our money on this month, and after food and everything, we’re still $500 short. But she’s going to help us.”

Because of your support, Alfred and Alesia had a place to turn when they had lost everything. Your gifts made it possible to help them move from homelessness to housing and now are helping them to keep their home! They just want to say "Thank you!"


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